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About us

International Creative Agency (ICA) is the artist programmer for the music Festival “YOURSUMMER” and the “Have A Nice Trip Festival” and was the promoter / programmer (1999-2019) for the annual ‘INCHEON PENTAPORT ROCK FESTIVAL’ which was the very first international major festival established in Korea since 1999 and being held each year on the 33 acres of government organized and established land in the City of Songdo with one of the biggest permanent stage existing in the festival grounds in Asia.


To bring more successful headline shows and tours not only to Korea but also to China and to the rest of the Asian territory, ICA as an U.S. based company, has expanded its branch and incorporated in South Korea to cater to the growing demand of live events through out the great Asia.


The company has been rapidly growing and with great support from the ICA team and all the renown agencies and managements around the world, Tommy Jinho Yoon, the owner and CEO of ICA has made it the company mission to create meaningful live events and looks to raise the bar in Asia. 


Tommy Jinho Yoon (President)

International Creative Agency., LLC (ICA) Official partners in Asia includes:

Creativeman Productions Co., Ltd - Japan

Bangkok Connect - Thailand

Ovation Productions, Inc - Philippines


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